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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bloody Mayhem in Andizhan

A map of Uzbekistan

This headline was on my RSS feed this morning from Reuters:

ANDIZHAN, Uzbekistan (Reuters) - Families of hundreds killed in Uzbekistan when troops opened fire to quell protests buried their dead on Sunday as witnesses told of bloody mayhem in which women and children were shot "like rabbits."

The BBC reports today:

Uzbek city sealed after clashes

Uzbek security forces have sealed off the centre of Andijan city, where many people were shot dead on Friday.

Troops are on the streets, hunting the leaders of anti-government protests and roads into Andijan are closed.

The president of Uzbekistan blamed Islamist extremists who want to overthrow the government. However, locals told the BBC, "The government should be blamed instead of the Islamic extremists. People are demanding bread and jobs."

I'm not sure what this has to do with eschatology. I think that it's interesting, however, that dubya picks his battles, fighting a second Vietnam in Iraq over Saddam's nonexistant WMDs, then mentioning his human rights abuses. Sure, he was a dictator who abused his people. But others have done so and are still doing so. Are we rushing troops to Uzbekistan to help the people and to overthrow this corrup government? Does Uzbekistan have something we need?